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Scallops: Biology, Ecology, Fishing and Aquaculture
at Northwestern Pacific, Russian Federation

Victor V. Ivinmail.gif (100 bytes) and Vasily Z. Kalashnikov

Institute of Marine Biology, Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences

Scallops are the most intensively consumed and fished bivalve mollusks. Over ten scallop species are registered in the seas of the Russian Federation. The most known of them are the Yesso scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis, which is also well known as Ezo scallop, Giant scallop, Japanese scallop, Russian scallop, Primorsky scallop or Common scallop. For a long time these mollusks have been an object of traditional catching at the coastal waters of the Sea of Japan, Southern Sakhalin, and the Southern Kurile shoal.

Commercial colonies also are known for Chlamys islandica from Barents Sea, Ch. behringiana from Bering Sea, Ch. albida and Ch. chosenica at the Kurile Islands and northern Primorye, and Ch. farreri from Peter the Great Bay and Posjet Bay, Sea of Japan. The average annual hauls are about 4'000 tons.

The recent data on biology and ecology of eight scallops species from the Russian part of Northwestern Pacific will be reviewed in this chapter. The fishery statistics and technology used in typical commercial aquaculture farms are also presented here.

Taxonomic Status
According to recent data (Kafanov, 1991; Kafanov and Lutaenko, 1998) the Russian part of Northern Pacific Ocean is inhabited by eight species of Pectinidae. Their taxonomic statuses are as follows:

Class Bivalvia Linn, 1758
   Order Pectinida H. Adams et A. Adams, 1857
      Family Pectinidae Rafinesque, 1815
         Genus Chlamys Rding, 1798
1. Chlamys (Chlamys) albida Arnold, 1906 (ex Dall, MS)
    Until recently, this species was confused with Ch. islandica (Mller, 1776)
2. Ch. (Ch.) asiatica Scarlato, 1981
3. Ch. (Ch.) behringiana (Middendorff, 1849)
4. Ch. (Ch.) chosenica Kuroda, 1932
    Until recently, this species was confused with Ch. rosealba Scarlato, 1981
5. Ch. (Azumapecten) farreri (Jones et Preston, 1904)
    Until recently, this species was confused with Ch. farreri nipponensis
    Kuroda, 1932 or Ch. nipponensis Kuroda, 1932
6. Ch. (Swiftopecten) swifti (Bernardi, 1858)
         Genus Delectopecten Stewart, 1930
7. Delectopecten randolphi (Dall, 1897)

         Genus Mizuhopecten Masuda, 1963

8. Mizuhopecten yessoensis (Jay, 1857)

Scallops Fishing

Scallops Aquaculture



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